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Mount Falcon Colorado Engagement Session + Outfit Ideas

mount falcon engagement photos

Do you ever meet a couple and instantly think to yourself, “Damn, those two are a match made in heaven!” That’s Amanda and Russ, one of my adventurous Colorado couples. Amanda’s warm and easygoing–the calm and collected one. Russ is her fun-loving and kinda wild other half.  She even went right along with his mullet—for their engagement photos!—simply because it’s so Russ. That’s what she loves about her man, and it’s obvious she wouldn’t want him any other way! (Plus, he treats her like the absolute gem that she is.) Together, they’re a blast to hang out with.

mount falcon engagementmount falcon engagement Engagement photos

Braving the Weather on Mount Falcon

We scheduled their engagement session for what had to be one of the coldest days of the month—on Mount Falcon at that! Dealing with the cold was so worth it. Their photos look warm, beautiful, and bright with the sun’s rays glistening on the snow. But, whew!—we had to work to stay warm. We still had such an amazing time playing in the snow and dancing around. Russ twirled his beautiful bride-to-be until the chill seemed to fade away. I’m in love with how their photos turned out.

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Capture the Moment While You Can

I’ve always been a live-in-the-moment kinda gal. The engagement stage is one of the most fun milestones in life. It goes quickly, but man, is it sweet! It’s easy to look forward to the adventure ahead, but I’m always happy when couples like Amanda and Russ take time to slow it all down and savor every minute. It was truly an honor to photograph this chapter of their story. This is just the beginning!

native roaming photographyNative Roaming Photography Native Roaming Photography

What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

I did offer a little wardrobe guidance for this Mount Falcon shoot, but Amanda and Russ pulled off the look flawlessly. Typically, I recommend two or three different outfits for your shoot, at least one casual and one a little dressier.

Casual Look

Choose complementary colors or textures that pop but are not distracting. I love Amanda’s mustard yellow cardigan and solid black top paired with his black and white buffalo plaid shirt. She chose the accent color, and he chose a fun pattern—simple, complementary, and perfect for photos.

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Dressy Look

Take it up a notch for a more romantic and sophisticated look. For this shoot, Amanda looked gorgeous in a sexy black bell-sleeved dress and brown knee-high suede boots. Russ made her shine by keeping it simple and classy with khakis and a solid burgundy shirt.

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This might be the most important note in this post! As much as you hope to wear a cute pair of open-toed platform wedges with your boho dress, opt for shoes that fit the location. Trust me; you’ll be much happier, and the experience is worth a little sacrifice. Amanda chose ankle boots with a heel and knee-high boots for this cold and rugged shoot on Mount Falcon. She nailed the style and looked amazing, but she protected her feet at the same time.

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The Feeling is Mutual

I loved photographing this Mount Falcon Colorado engagement session, and I think Amanda and Russ had just as much fun:

“We just got our sneak peeks from our engagement shoot, and OMG, I am in love already!! Daedra made the whole process super easy, even helping us out with outfits. It felt like we’ve known her for years! She is so down-to-earth and funny! The laughs never stopped during the whole shoot! We can’t wait to have her as a photographer for our big day! We just love her so much and will 100% recommend her to ANYONE that wants amazing photos and a personalized experience!!”


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