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4 Sexiest Modern Cowboy + Western Wedding Styles

modern cowboy

I have to let you in on a dirty little secret: western grooms aren’t limited to tweed vests and Wrangler’s. If that’s your thing, you do you! It’s handsome and simple. Maybe that’s your style, and you’re sticking to it. But hang with me for a sec. If your modern cowboy wants to take it up a notch – embrace the western look and ramp up the style – this post is for you.

I know ladies. Sometimes our men just have to see it before they’ll agree to something new. So, show them these. This post is chock full of western groom inspiration that I think he’ll love, too.  And, if y’all decide to go with something new, your handsome guy may be featured next!

How to Dress Your Modern Cowboy

4 Western Groom Styles

Let’s ease into this. These styles go in order from most relaxed to very fashion forward:

1. Western Vest & Jeans

When you think of the popular vest and Wrangler’s look, you probably imagine a handsome tweed vest a classic jean wash. But consider trying different vest fabrics or patterns and fashionable jean washes.

I really like the leather Aztec-inspired vest and the dark patterned silk vest at the end – very different styles, both look extra sharp. Suede and leather are great options, too, like this brandy leather vest or this suede with satin back vest. The Western Company has endless vests options for today’s modern cowboy.

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modern cowboy modern cowboy modern cowboy

2. Sport Coat, Blazer, or Suit Jacket with Jeans

Don’t want to go full suit, but still want to kick up the style? Pair a complementary jacket with jeans. The key here is to match the formality. For instance, you wouldn’t want to pair a very formal navy or black suit jacket with well-loved Wrangler’s. Instead, opt for a nicer jean wash and pair the jeans with a more rustic or coordinating fabric weight and pattern. Check out these examples.

modern cowboy modern cowboy Native Roaming Photography modern cowboy modern cowboy Native Roaming Photography Native Roaming Photography Native Roaming Photography Native Roaming Photography Native Roaming Photography

3. Accessorize

Yes, men can accessorize, too. If your modern cowboy is set on a traditional look, elevate his style for the wedding with attractive accessory pieces.

And, not all cowboy hats are equal. As a special wedding gift, consider a custom felt cowboy hat or a snazzy new American Hat Company lid. You can easily change up the look or coordinate with the bride’s style using silver buckles, turquoise accents, leather bands, or feathers.

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western wedding wear  western wedding wear western wedding wear western wedding wear western wedding wear western wedding wear western wedding wear

4. Colored Suit

If he’s brave enough to rope and ride, he’s brave enough for a bold look. When I first posed the idea to this couple, the bohemian-loving bride was all about it. The groom? Not so much. Until he put it on. First, this suit fit better than his favorite pair of jeans. Second, he looked handsome as hell! Even he had to agree, and he wore it like a confident cowboy. Later, he told me that was one of the best decisions he made (other than saying, “I do” to his lovely bride of course!). This suit added that missing touch, and I love how their photos turned out.

modern cowboy  modern cowboy

modern cowboy ideas modern cowboy ideas

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