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I'm a Kansas city photographer, you can call me d.

things I like:

No one ever says Daedra right anyway. It's DAY-druh by the way. ;)

After the Army hubby stayed in Colorado for a bit, honestly the mountains will always have a piece of our hearts, but I am a Kansas native, from a town of 2500 people and I'm all about that small town life. In 2019 I got my dream home on 4 acres with an amazing front porch and a view of the "city" lights. I love my home but it's way easier for me to pack up my camera bag and come to you so you can still have a photographer you love and trust. Down to earth people are tucked away in all corners of the United States and i am down to roam. And thus, "native roaming" was born.

Don't live in Kansas, wanna take this show on the road, I will come to you, because you mean that much to me


Let’s turn on some country (or Lizzo if you prefer) and I’ll snap some magic while you and your honey dance on a dirt road, mountain top or through a field of wildflowers. Heck, I’ll even bring the beer if you feel like cracking a cold one while we get to know each other.   
Wanna include all the 4 legged family members?! Bring along the dogs, saddle up the horses or lets mooooove this party to the pasture and capture the cattle too! (Like that dad joke?!) I’m all about whatever makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Afterall, this is your story, I'm just here to document it.

While I specialize in western and ranch weddings you don't need to be anything but you for me to be your photographer.


Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of the year because I get to GIVE PRESENTS!! I'm a terrible secret keeper and I want to hand out presents as soon as I get them. I can't wait to gift you the ability to re-live your wedding day all over again, even better, this time it includes bonus features of the moments you couldn’t see because you were focused on the hottie to your left (or right depending on which side of the bed you sleep on)! Of course I can capture the un-posed, un-planned moments, but creative, pretty pictures, the kind you wanna blow up big and hang on your wall, those are my jam!

What is your love language?
Mine is totally gifts


I feel like a lot of photographers just knew they were born for this. I took photography in high school and documented a lot of things during my time in the Army and especially when I had my first kiddo. I started this several years ago when I was fired from my job because my kiddo was sick. It was then that I decided I was tired of not being able to be there when my family needed me so I got a lot more dedicated to this craft and really pushed myself to start learning more about posing so I can help ease my couples into those lovey moments that look completely candid and lighting so I can really capture those sunsets, as well as, making harsh lighting not so harsh.

I wasn't born with a camera in my hand...shocking i know


in the PRESS

Lemme Brag about myself for just a second, I'm super Excited to have had My work featured in the following publications!

Cowboys & INdians Magazine

Lovely Day Journal

Boho Weddings 

Rocky Mountain Bride

But first, Check out my fam...

they're freaking adorbs!

- Jessica B.

“she is an amazing photographer without a doubt-just look at her pictures; however, it is her heart and commitement to her clients that i hope every bride feels during this season in their life"

- Rachel K.

“daedra was very welcoming and easy to interact with. i felt like she was my best friend just minutes after talking with her. she made the whole evening very fun and full of laughter and our pictures turned out absolutely amazing she captured our love and chemistry we have together and you can really see it in the pictures. i'm a really picky person but she knocked it out of the park!!!!"

- Amanda S.

"We just got our sneak peaks from our engagement shoot and OMG I am in love already!! Daedra made the whole process super easy, even helped us out with outfits, it felt like we known her for years! She is so down to earth and funny! We can’t wait to have her as a photographer our big day!

- Samantha S.

“I can't say enough wonderful things about working with her, she has a fun personality, will keep you laughing and has made our engagement and wedding photography journey so enjoyable."

- Madysin M. + Dallen J.

“We were nervous and didn't know what to expect, but she made us feel comfortable right away! we have gotten endless comments on how creative Daedra's photos are and how well she highlights the intimate details."

- Teila C.

"Daedra was an amazing photographer! We were never able to meet in person prior to the wedding day, but she made us all feel so comfortable. She was funny, efficient, and just overall great at her job. We got some sneak peeks back and they are AMAZING!! Highly recommend 10/10"