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I'm Chase, the videographer!  What's poppin'?! i'm a city boy in a cowboy's world.

things I like:

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have i ever told you about the time i worked with a videographer that ran into my shot every time the groom dipped the bride during their first dance?? he was in all but one shot. true story. we are so used to working as a team, we know exactly which shot the other is looking for, we move shoulder to shoulder to make sure you have the best shot for your photo and your video. when you book your video through native roaming, that's also one less contract you have to sign and one less payment to coordinate. we handle the rest.



we want to tell your story. do you want to surprise your bride with a letter? but just know you'll fall apart if you do in front of her. why not read it for the video, and watch her light up all over again on delivery day! do you have an epic party planned? imagine reliving that TikTok dance that went viral that you and your brother rocked on the dance floor! is your wedding in an amazing mountain setting? or on the family ranch? let chase send the drone up to capture the entire scene of the day! then help him chose the perfect song to set the whole tone of your video.

you only get one chance to tell the story of your wedding day, what kind of story do you want to tell?


"ugh, we should have gotten video,"  I hear it over again. we get it, weddings can get expensive. and you work hard for your money, so how you spend it is a big deal. we don't want to tell you what to spend your money on, but around here, your memories are our biggest priority. we don't want to sell you something you don't need, but believe me when i tell you video, should be a need, because you only get this day once. There are no do-overs. and just like you aren't going to print your professional photos at wal-mart, don't trust your wedding video to your buddy with a go-pro. or even wasting your hard earned paycheck on a "budget videographer" because if you can't hear your vows because of the wind, and your dress is glaring white...was it even worth spending the $800?

the only thing my couples ever tell me they regret is, not getting videography


imagine yourself 40 years from now, preparing for your own daughter's wedding. thinking back on how fast the years passed. the loved ones no longer with you, what you would give to have your daddy see your daughter walking down the aisle...and then you think back to speech he gave on your big day...wait how did that go? video lets you relive it. video brings back your daddy's voice, the cheering during your first kiss, the laughter, the joy, the music. photo freezes it, video unfreezes it for you to live all over again, on a bad day, during your first big fight, on your first anniversary and 40 years from now. 




Watch the video

- Molly R.

“Planning and executing a wedding during COVID sounds like a nightmare; working with all different vendors, checking on arrangements and making changes etc. However, for us it was easy.  We were so lucky to have a package photo/video deal. Their ability to communicate and work with each other on planning shots, picture and film ideas, the mood of our wedding and coordinating travel made me so confident that our wedding day would be seamless.  Their method of catching every moment was like watching a ballet. They moved effortlessly and gracefully around each other to work to the same goal of capturing one of the most amazing days of my life. All of our wedding guests loved them and said they made the picture process fun. My husband and I are over the moon with how everything turned out and have recieved countless compliments on our wedding video and photos."

“Their ability to communicate + work together made our day seamless

- Chandler W.

"I knew I wanted wedding videography because my sister did. She and her husband watch theirs every anniversary. I also had always admired the videographers that could turn your day into a whole movie and loved the idea. When Daedra presented her videographer, I stalked some of his work on Instagram and loved it so we were booked. It then became super apparent as to why she mentioned him- they work together so well - who likes which shots, not afraid of suggestions, etc. This ended up providing us with the best photography AND videography than we could have ever hoped! Every shot and angle were amazing! Our wedding movie clip is absolutely stunning with the shots and vows/speech overlay. And another reason I’m SO EXCITED to have this forever - the surprise of how great the speeches were (laughing so hard you cry and just crying because of the sentiment). Every time we watch all of the videos we see something different that we hadn’t seen before which is so special after the day is such a whirlwind. 10/10 recommend photography and videography together"

“10/10 recommend photography and video together!"

- Amanda H.

"we absolutely loved having native roaming for our photography and videography!! They worked hand in hand and made our day go smoothly and feel sooo special! it felt like we had been friends with them both for a long time and it was a joy working with them. I would highly recommend hiring both of them! They both brought our vision to life and also brought more than we could have ever imagined. I'm so glad we included videography!! The wedding day was freezing and went by so fast that it's nice looking back and seeing our WHOLE day. getting to send the video to friends and family that couldn't make it (thank covid) is even more special because they got to feel like they were there! Thanks Native Roaming!!

“i'm so glad we included videography!!."

- Kristin T.

"I wanted to be able to experience every moment of our wedding day to the fullest. I also wanted to be able to relive the emotions and memories when everything was packed away and the as the years continued, so I was very picky about my photographer and videographer. I fell in love with daedra and Chase's style and knew I wanted them to be a part of our special day immediately. These two are just as kind as they are talented. They made me feel so incredibly beautiful and amazing throughout my day and meshed so well with our family and friends. Because they were both willing to go above and beyond, you can feel everyone's love and joy when you look back at our photos and video. Their efforts made our day easy to relive over and over again and that is something that cannot be replaced!

“They are as kind as they are talented"