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I'm Brecken, the associate photographer!! 
you can call me Breck.

things I like:

or Brecken, i've been called breckers before too ;)

tell me your story, tell me how you met, can i have the proposal details please?? do your parent's have a love story? what about your grandparents? we all have a story. some are shorter than others, some are just getting started, some are nostalgic and intriguing. talking to others comes pretty easy to me, so there's a good chance I will know it all by the end of the big day! that insight helps me to fit right in on your day, and your history helps me better tell your story. 

your story is unique and i want to tell it for you


honestly, i never thought i'd be photographing weddings. I got my start in sports action photography during high school rodeo, but i've always been drawn to moments that really mean something, like a father high fiving his daughter after she roped her calf, or a boy wiping away a tear after his final high school career ride. after second shooting for Daedra my first time, getting to know the couple, and their family and seeing the joy and realizing just what an amazing honor it is to be invited to document the biggest moments of someone's lives, i was hooked. capturing these moments for others as they live them is such an honor. Those moments are quick and fast and in a flash they are gone, just like when your dad is walking you down the aisle, or your mom helping you with your gown...or even all the dancing and laughing with your closest friends and family! 

Back To Brecken: I'm a gift giver, just like Daedra!!


adding Brecken to the team allows me to offer the Native Roaming experience to even more couples!! If i'm already booked for your date or if you were looking for a lesser price point, Brecken is literally my mini me (she's an inch shorter). so how does this work? you book through me, you get the planning guide and the what to wear guide, she will photograph your engagement session if you chose to have one, we help you plan your timeline, Brecken is there to photograph your big day, just as I would and I edit and deliver your images. From start to finish you still get the Native Roaming experience that all of our couples rave about! it's just a different face on wedding day. Because you're getting the next best thing to me, you get it at a slightly lower price point to, which allows me to serve couples at a wider variety of price points!! 

What are the benefits to hiring your associate? how does this work?


hi, me again (daedra), I totally get it. It's your one day. when i tell you that short of cloning myself I couldn't have picked anyone better, i'm not exaggerating!! Brecken is born and raised in northwest kansas just like me. She has roots in the western world, knows how to shoot through the shadows of a hat and wrangle rowdy cowboys. We're both small town girls with big dreams, big hearts and a soft spot for a special moment. i hand picked her, because she is so much like me. and then i invested the hours into training her to see things as i do, to find the light like i would, and to pose and prompt you the same way i would if i was there!

Nervous that it won't be me (daedra) there on wedding day??