About Me

“You belong where the four winds blow
Out where the untamed mustang roam
Like a sweet summer rain, passing through
Never seen anything wild as you”

-Cody Johnson

Well hey there, I’m Daedra, I like whiskey and road trips and on your wedding day you can bet I’ll be showing off all my best white girl dance moves!

There’s not a lot to tell.  I’m pretty simple. My friends are my family. My monsters (children) are my heart.  Me and Jesus are tight. I spend way too much money on Target, turquoise and cowboy boots.  And My love language is presents. I freaking love to give (and get) presents!! Like your wedding photos.  I secretly wish I could be there to see you open your gallery every single time because I love the look on someone’s face when you hand them a gift! And boom, I get to give you the gift living your wedding day all over again, even better, this time it includes bonus features of the moment you couldn’t see because you were too focused on the hottie to your left (or right depending on which side of the bed you sleep on)!  So pass the fireball and let’s do the damn thing!

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